Culture or nature?

Our traditional house, the „Hotel am Elbstrand – Elbparadies“ is located in Posta, a small place belonging to Pirna. Even though it is situated in a quiet area - at a minor road mainly used as a cycle track - you can easily reach the old part of Pirna on foot.

If you want to do this reconnaissance expedition, you best take the ferry boat to cross the river Elbe, and within just a few minutes you will enjoy the magnificent view of the old part of town which was already captured by the famous painter Canaletto 200 years ago.


Pirna - the gateway to Saxon Switzerland

Pirna is also the starting point to places such as:

  • Schloss Pillnitz and Dresden, the capital of Saxony
  • Kurort Rathen (Spa Rathen) with its open-air theatre
  • the Bastei massif with its famous bridge and the breathtaking view at Saxon Switzerland,
  • an area southeast of Dresden well-known for its unusual rock formations, the romantic location "the Schrammsteine" - an impressive chain of rock massifs, the Falkenstein and Bielatal
  • Weesenstein, a medieval castle and the baroque garden of Großsedlitz
  • Meissen with its famous porcelain..

Saxon Switzerland

was given its name about 200 years ago, when the area attracted the attention of artists living in Dresden.

Geologically seen the area consists of a sandstone plate originating in the Cretaceous period which has been eroded by running water and pressure on tectonic plates throughout the history of the earth. That is why experts call the Elbsandsteingebirge (Elbe Sandstone Mountains) a landscape of erosion.

Today's result of this weathering is a landscape characterized by mesas such as Lilien-, Pfaffen- and Königstein, rock massifs like the Schramsteine, narrow valleys and gorges.

This variety of landscape aroused and arouses the interest of artists, nature lovers, hikers and climbers. The latter can use more than one thousand peaks to practise the typically Saxon climbing style.That is why this region is recognised as a climbing area all over the world.



...about 15 km downstream from Pirna, is the cultural highlight of any holiday in Pirna and the surrounding area.

Admire the Baroque buildings and art treasures of the over 800-year-old city, visit the Semper opera or one of the numerous cultural events and enjoy a cup of coffee in the beautiful old town of Dresden or on the Brühlscher Terrasse.


And the locomotion?

If you are planning to go on a day trip in the Elbe valley you can use means of public transport going by bus, train or boat, alternatively you can ride the bike or simply walk.

>Hire a bike with us to explore the immediate environs. Or get on one of the historic steamboats cruising the Elbe. By the way Dresden's fleet of paddle steamers is the world's oldest.

Or you might enjoy a theatre performance in a unique atmosphere at Felsenbühne Rathen, a natural outdoor theatre. We are prepared to see to the tickets for such a unique event, to offer you advice or compile individual tours for you. We want you to feel completely comfortable and would be pleased if your stay with us and in the region of Saxon Switzerland was an enjoyable and unforgettable one.